why the name you asK?

A fine seaworthy vessel is like that home you're considering to purchase.  It offers so much in the way of making dreams come true, but at the same time, there is much to do, much to fret about. No matter the size, features, or the finish, water can find a way in!  Any boat must first and foremost, be water tight. Your new home is that way too! 

Water penetration is the greatest culprit when it comes to elements invading your home.  Water has the ability to find the narrowest opening.  It is patient, but persistent, and it can lead to considerable damage if not identified & addressed.  That's where Shipshape Inspections comes in!

We offer thorough inspections to check all systems in your home, from stem to stern, and especially with a focus on water penetration.  From the basement/crawlspace to the roof & attic, we are focused with the latest technology, such as thermal imaging, to determine the current condition of the house, providing items to consider in your negotiation, and as you plan maintenance & upkeep for years to come.

Just like that dream vessel, the cost of your home is a large investment.  Shipshape Inspections will provide you with an easy-to-read, comprehensive report on the conditions we observe and, above all else, we come along side you in the process to... 

Ensure your Home is Shipshape!