Your Participation

If your schedule allows, we would strongly encourage you to join our Certified Home Inspector during the inspection.  We will do our best to explain what we are looking for in each system, any exceptions that we observe, and any suggested maintenance steps you should consider.  This is your inspection so we want you to feel you are receiving value for what you are paying.  We are generalists, and in some situations, we may need to recommend that you consult a specialist for further consultation.  Ultimately, we are there to Ensure Your Home is Shipshape!

Controlled Attendance

Before we begin the Home Inspection, we will need to have confirmed who will be on premise.  This is to (1) allow us to control the property, pets, and belongings for the Seller (especially if they are absent) and (2) limit the risk to others.  To ensure everyone’s safety during the inspection, we may ask you (and others) to keep their distance at times so that no one, including our Inspector, is at risk for injury.

In addition to a thorough inspection, Shipshape will also be providing you an organized binder with the following included:

  • Inspection Summary: provides a snapshot of items that you should focus on first
  • Inspection Detail: full color report providing all of the details noted during the inspection
  • InterNACHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics: the foundation of our business
  • Pre-Closing Checklist: handy checklist we encourage you to use before Closing
  • Standard Estimated Life Expectancy Chart: Useful as you plan your home maintenance
  • Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection: a full color guide to proper home maintenance
  • We'll Buy Your Home Guarantee certificate:  this is your formal document indicating you are covered by InterNACHI.

We also a Client Satisfaction Survey form along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope. We pride ourselves on exceeding our Client’s expectations, and we hope you feel the same too, but if not, your honest feedback would be greatly appreciated.

And finally, we include the InterNACHI “We’ll Buy Back Your Home” Guarantee flyer. By choosing Shipshape Inspections, your property is registered with InterNACHI and, should you decide to buy it, InterNACHI will cover your purchase for 90 days.