Our founder, Don Steward, has been collecting essential tools along his professional life, and is now applying those to the field of home inspections.  He started Steward Solutions LLC to serve clients with business consulting, change management and project management.  He now applies those same skills and experience to Shipshape Inspections, a division of Steward Solutions LLC.


Detail Oriented

From his upbringing in a military family (his father was a career U.S. Army Special Forces Soldier), to his career spent in retail management and business consulting, Don’s focus on details has become part of his DNA, an essential trait of any home inspection professional.


Since 2005, Don has dedicated his summers in serving with Group Mission Trips, a 501(c)(3) organization that conducts faith-based mission work around home repairs for those in need (financially and/or physically).  These projects include:

  • Step Builds & Repairs
  • Weatherization
  • Wheelchair Ramps
  • Exterior/Interior Painting
  • Porch Builds & Repairs
  • Roofing
  • Mobile Home Skirting

He also leads a local group of volunteers to organize the same for 70-80 residents on a biennial basis in Western Pennsylvania, and the event is called West Allegheny Workcamp.

Tech Savvy

An underlying strength that Don has leveraged and continues with in Shipshape Inspections is his ability to stay current with the technology changes and maximize his productivity, and that of his clients through these tools and systems.  It is clear that home inspections are beginning to include technological tools and will likely become ever more dependent on new devices for inspecting and reporting in the future.

business acumen

Throughout his career, Don has been developing his ability to cast vision, develop processes, and mobilize himself and others to deliver.  It was quite evident in his previous role as the Executive Director of Heroes Supporting Heroes (HSH, a 501(c)(3) public charity).  The Vision of HSH tell the story:  To support stable and safe housing for military members and their families, senior citizens and others in need in order to honor God!